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I woke up with severe back pain. The pain was unbearable. I couldn't move. My husband had to carry me to Dr. Xie's office. After the acupuncture treatment, I walked out of her office myself.
-- Rose

Dear Dr. Xie, Belgium is wonderful, and I am having a great time doing sight
seeing and spending time with my friends. I am so glad I am able to come
here. I wouldn't have been so mobile without your help. My collarbone feels
very good. Thank you!
-- Sonja, Brookline

I had tendonitis of my right elbow. Cortisone injections didn't help to relief the pain, my doctor mentioned surgery as a possible option. I had heard of acupuncture and decided to try it. Within two weeks of acupuncture treatment, the pain began to abate and after about ten weeks, the pain was completely gone. Now I have absolutely no pain in my elbow and I am able to play the piano again. There is no question in my mind that acupuncture works.
-- Jennifer, Arlington

Dr. Xie has been very helpful to me in treating my shoulder pain. I have found the treatments to be painless and relaxing. I have referred many of my own patients to her for various medical conditions and the majorities were significantly helped.
I highly recommend Dr. Xie for her expertise in acupuncture therapy.
-- Dr. Smith

I am a mother of three, my 10 years old daughter had rash all over her body, and it was very itchy. We took her to see many different doctors and dermatologists, there was no exact diagnosis for her rash, they gave her all kinds of medication to try, but nothing helped. We were recommended to see Dr. Xie. After only one week of taking Chinese herbal medicine, her rash was complete gone. It has been three years, her rash never come back. We are so glad to find Dr. Xie.
-- Mary, Randolph

I had been trying to get pregnant for five years. I had scheduled an appointment for IVF. I went to see Dr. Xie. After the initial evaluation, Dr. Xie suggested me to postpone the IVF and try traditional Chinese medicine treatment. After about two months of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it. I stood by the window all day long and kept thinking: "Is this real?" "Am I pregnant?" It was real! Now my son is already seven years old. I can't thank Dr. Xie enough.
-- Debora